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Don't miss this opportunity to grow with other new moms who understand where you are on your journey in muma-hood.

NuMuma Circle.
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for New Moms.

Prenatal and Postnatal.

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Opening Baby Shower Gifts

Enrollment is CLOSED for the 2024 session.
This membership only opens up once a year!
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We're excited to meet you and support you on  your new adventure in muma-hood.

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"Be the adult that you're hoping to raise.
Raise yourself first, muma.
Then, you can be the example to your baby."

Specialist Features

Interviews with specialists that have backgrounds in fields

new moms crave more info on. Delivered without the typical generic or cookie-cutter insights.

 Monthly Workbook

Every month you'll have access to a downloadable workbook for you to print and use as a guide to unlocking your best potential.

Community Support

Be a part of a community (circle if you will) that knows your struggles, excitement, questions and concerns over your new adjustments to "muma-hood."

Monthly Downloads

Monthly downloads including a variety of phone wallpapers, affirmations, meditations, journaling prompts, and more!

VIP Event Invites

Get involved online with the circle or expand your involvement with your local community to employ your local support team with events like: March for Babies, Breastfeeding week, Postpartum support climbs, discounted Prenatal and Mom & Baby MOGA classes, and more to come!

Rise with goddesses

Be a part of the community topics like; adjusting to muma-hood, postpartum, pelvic floor health, inner child work, navigating breastfeeding, mom humor, beauty secrets for new moms, and so much more!

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